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Patagonia Nahuen


About Us

Our Patagonia Nahuen stores offer a menu of original Argentine favorites. We take the beloved Argentine and South American bakery tradition into the next generation, offering pastries, sweets, desserts and empanadas, along with a variety of entrees, sandwiches and salads for lunch or dinner.

As soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by the sights of our Argentine facturas and cakes, mouthwatering empanadas, savory meats and delicious coffee. What’s one of our secrets? All of our products are made in-house in our factory where everything is made by our famous pastry chefs and bakers, which guarantees that each one of our products are fresh and of the amazing Patagonia Nahuen quality.

Our other secret is that we operate with deep family roots. Family-owned since 2001, we opened our first bakery and restaurant in Doral, FL and have continuously expanded with the support of our south Florida community. We made the strategic shift in 2021 for our family to expand and move towards two different concepts—the founding location in Doral and other locations now operate separately as Nahuen Gourmet Markets. Our locations operate under the brand you have come to love, Patagonia Nahuen. You’ll see both of us offer the same high-quality products with a slightly different style.

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