We're constantly scouting sites for new Patagonia Nahuen restaurant locations across South Florida and beyond. Find out which markets have opportunities and how to take the next step with us.

Partner With Us

  • Patagonia Nahuen provides a proven track record of success across multiple locations, we are now looking to collaborate with visionary landlords and developers to secure prime real estate for new locations.

    Our strategic growth aims to bring our distinctive dining experience to diverse neighborhoods, ensuring high foot traffic and robust local engagement. Partnering with us means being part of a journey toward establishing a beloved and ubiquitous brand presence in the culinary landscape. 

    Partner with us as we embark on an ambitious expansion plan.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Patagonia Nahuen does not franchise. Currently, we are focused on the rapid development of company-owned restaurants. But if you have a recommendation for a location, please Contact Us.